Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5 Best Electric Vehicle

Here are five popular vehicles (my version) that used car class of truly green cars provides..


Zenn 1

ZENN Motor Company calls its attractive three door hatchback, the ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise), "the earth's favorite car." This electric car is sourced as a "glider" - a rolling vehicle without a powertrain - from Microcar of Europe. ZENN creates its zero emission NEV by fitting it with electric drive components and batteries. The ZENN features an automotive style alloy space frame and resilient ABS body panels. Standard four-wheel discs are accompanied by regenerative braking, a feature that recaptures energy to help recharge the batteries. Drivers get a very functional two seat hatchback that offers 13 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats. ZENNs are available for $14,700-$15,575.


Miles 2

Miles Electric Vehicles offers the four door ZX40 in three different models. The base ZX40 is propelled by a 4 kW (9 kW peak) DC electric motor, while the ZX40S has a more powerful 6.3 kW (17.6 kW peak) DC motor. For maximum performance, the Miles ZX40S Advanced Design offers a 7.5 kW (26 kW peak) brushless AC induction motor. Absorbed glass mat sealed lead acid batteries are utilized to store electricity. The tall four door wagon seats four and offers 41 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seat folded. Standard features include front and rear defroster, windshield wipers, electric mirrors, and alloy wheels. An AM/FM/CD sound system is optional. Cost is $14,900-$18,900.


Dynasty 1

British Columbia based Dynasty Electric Cars produces a line of low speed NEVs that includes the iT Sedan, iT Utility (pickup), iT Tropic (topless, no doors), iT Sport (topless, half-doors), and iT Utility (panel). They are built on a 90-inch wheelbase with an overall length of 140 inches. Dynasty uses aluminum for the frame structure with an infusion molded fiberglass body and molded plastic bumpers. Electricity is stored in six EV-31 type flooded lead acid batteries, with Deka gel cell batteries optional. When it's time to plug iT in, an onboard Delta-Q Battery charger tops of the car off in less than 12 hours. Models range from $14,000 to $25,000.


Gem 1

Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) is perhaps the best established NEV manufacturer because of its distinction as a Chrysler company. The company's lineup includes a basic two passenger e2 GEM along with a four passenger e4, six passenger e6, and three utility variants with truck beds. While the basic configuration is an open design, optional canvas or hard doors make the vehicle functional in foul weather. The GEM is powered by a 5 horsepower (12 hp peak) DC motor with a 7 horsepower performance package optional on the e2 and e4, and standard on the e6. With a long list of optional equipment, the GEM can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications. GEMs are available from $6,795 to $12,495.


Parcar Summit

Available in two and four passenger configurations and as a utility model with a stake bed, the Columbia ParCar Summit NEV is a highly adaptable platform. Summit's powder coated, high strength alloy tubular steel frame, independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering, and open-air design promises fun low speed mobility. Designed for work, the Mega is a versatile cab-chassis NEV that can be configured in a variety of ways ranging from a pickup bed with fold down sides to a dump bed, van box, and even a refuse container for garbage removal. With a gross weight rating of 2,469 pounds, the Mega can make short work of urban work tasks. Summit NEVs are $9,497-$10,857, with Mega NEV models ranging from $17,900-$23,770.

recreated from todd kaho,greencar.com