Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skyline GT-R (R35)

The new GT-R (R35)was never officially named Skyline but is known as the successor to the Skyline GT-R. It was released in Japan on 24 October 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is expected to be released internationally during 2008 as a 2009 model. It was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, following the leak of the December issue of MotorTrend magazine that covered the future release of the model. Bearing a high resemblance to the Nissan GT-R Proto, the new GT-R keeps a shape that still bears the traits of its predecessors, but loses the "Skyline" moniker officially. The new GT-R is equipped with the new VR38DETT V6 twin turbo engine, breaking a 35 year old tradition of putting inline-sixes in GT-R models. The new GT-R still keeps certain technologies that made it famous, like an updated version of the ATTESA-ETS. The new R35 will be the first GT-R to be in production for the United States. The new GT-R has also had a big success in Japanese racing series, then as the racing model the GT-R GT500.

Manufacturer Nissan
Production 2008-
Assembly Tochigi, Tochigi, Japan
Predecessor Nissan Skyline GT-R
Class Sports Car
Body style(s) 2-door coupé
Layout Front engine, four-wheel drive
Platform Premium Midship
Engine(s) VR38DETT twin-turbo V6
Wheelbase 109.4-inch
Length 4655 mm (183.2 in)
Width 1895 mm (74.6 in)
Height 1370 mm (53.9 in)
Curb weight 3836 lb

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